Does your Oracle environment require additional support? Shadandy is here to help! x

Oracle Database Administration Services

Oracle databases, whether on premises or in the cloud, require skilled attention. Shadandy’s Oracle Database Administrators have experience with databases ranging from very small and simple to multi-terabyte Exadata RAC installs configured for high availability.

Oracle Apps DBA Services

Oracle E-Business Suite and Agile PLM systems require constant care and maintenance. Our Oracle Apps DBA’s are experts at implementing and maintaining the EBS technology stack. Installing, patching, cloning, monitoring, and tuning are all part of our game!

Cloud Implementation Services

Cloud database services have risen in popularity over the past few years. Our consultants implemented one of the first Oracle EBS systems in an AWS VPC, and we have performed numerous successful onsite to cloud database migrations to both Amazon EC2 and RDS for Oracle. Let us help you be successful with your cloud migration.


Shadandy is a very small and focused company that specializes in Oracle Database and Oracle Applications administration. Our consultants have designed, installed, and maintained local and cloud-based Oracle Database, E-Business Suite, and Agile PLM systems ranging from single-node databases to 10-node E-Business Suite environments.


Do you have Oracle DBA or Oracle Apps DBA staff shortages? Do you have a large project that requires additional DBA resources? Our experts can help your company with large implementations and upgrade projects just as easily as we can help you monitor, tune, patch, and maintain existing systems.


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