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Introducing Personal Oracle Database User Manager

Personal Oracle Database User Manager is a self-service application that allows users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts. The application assumes that a user’s LDAP username matches their Oracle Database username, so it is able to verify the user’s identity by authenticating against LDAP. If authentication is successful, the application displays […]

Ansible for Oracle Database Clones

A frequent job requirement of all Oracle DBA’s is cloning a database or entire application for development or testing purposes. In previous years, many DBA’s performed manual clones by cutting and pasting commands they stored in text documents. Craftier DBA’s learned that their time was better spent automating the task with shell scripts. While better […]

Using Proxmox and Spice with a Windows 8.1 VM

  If you are a small remote support provider, you know how difficult it can be to connect to multiple different customers using different VPN technologies. Not many companies will setup a dedicated VPN tunnel for you, so you are often at the mercy of the customer’s IT policies and staff. To work around some […]

How To Add dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare Launcher Shortcuts to Oracle SQL Developer

I tested several Oracle database schema and data comparison tools before deciding to purchase the dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle. One of the convenient options for the comparable Red Gate Deployment Suite for Oracle is a SQL Developer extension that adds toolbar buttons to launch the applications. After looking into the Oracle SQL Developer tools […]

Oracle Database Schema and Data Comparison Tools Review

Oracle databases are complex enough without active development, testing, and patching taking place. In most environments where custom applications are being developed or out-of-the-box database code is being extended, the database code and data between database environments inevitably deviates or is corrupted over time. Normally, whenever an environment is in an unknown state, I say, […]

Rotate and Purge Oracle Log Files

Every running Oracle installation has several directories and files that need to be rotated and/or purged. Surprisingly, or not, Oracle has not included this basic maintenance in their software. I have come across the oraclean utility in the past, but the script does not do everything I need. To achieve what I required, I recently […]

How To Download Patches From Oracle E-Delivery

Have you ever wanted to automatically download all of the patches on an Oracle E-Delivery page? We have, and we thought this script might be useful to others. Script: get_edelivery.sh Prerequisites: Firefox Browser on your desktop Export Domain Cookies Firefox Plugin Instructions: Visit Oracle E-Delivery. Select the software you would like to download and navigate […]

How To Move Oracle Online Redo Log Files

Issue You have online redo log files in the wrong place and want to move them. Solution Run the following SQL to locate the current redo log groups and their members: [sql]select l.group# group_number<br /> , l.status group_status<br /> , f.member group_member<br /> , f.status file_status<br /> from v$log l<br /> , v$logfile f<br /> […]