How To Download Patches From Oracle E-Delivery

Have you ever wanted to automatically download all of the patches on an Oracle E-Delivery page? We have, and we thought this script might be useful to others.



  • Firefox Browser on your desktop
  • Export Domain Cookies Firefox Plugin


  • Visit Oracle E-Delivery.
  • Select the software you would like to download and navigate to the patch download page.
  • Note the “egroup_aru_number” from the URL.
    • For example, the number is 11249872 for URL below: [text][/text]
  • Export your browser cookies using the “Export Domain Cookies” Firefox Plugin.
  • Copy your cookies file to the server.
  • Run the download script from the directory where you are going to download the patches.
    • [bash] 11249872 cookies.txt[/bash]

The script will download all of the patches available via “Download” buttons on the E-Delivery page. At the very end, it will perform a checksum on each file. If a file fails, you can delete the corrupt file and run the script again.

2 replies
  1. Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson says:

    Hi, I’ve just come across your script and found it very useful. I was wondering if it was possible to download multiple files simultaneously rather than one at a time.

    I’ve tried running the script in multiple sessions, however it fails to download any files in any subsequent sessions.

    Unfortunately I’m not the best at scripting but was wondering if it was possible to amend the script to download multiple files.

    • Shad Rich
      Shad Rich says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for commenting. The script was originally written to download files one at a time. Unfortunately, I do not have time to update the script at the moment. For instances where it needs to download several files, I usually start the script towards the end of the day and allow it to run overnight.



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